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spot::named_graph< Graph, State_Name, Name_Hash, Name_Equal > Class Template Reference
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Public Types

typedef Graph::state state
typedef Graph::edge edge
typedef State_Name name
typedef std::unordered_map< name, state, Name_Hash, Name_Equal > name_to_state_t
typedef std::vector< name > state_to_name_t

Public Member Functions

 named_graph (Graph &g)
Graph & graph ()
Graph & graph () const
template<typename... Args>
state new_state (name n, Args &&... args)
bool alias_state (state s, name newname)
 Give an alternate name to a state. More...
state get_state (name n) const
name get_name (state s) const
bool has_state (name n) const
const state_to_name_t & names () const
template<typename... Args>
edge new_edge (name src, name dst, Args &&... args)
template<typename I , typename... Args>
edge new_univ_edge (name src, I dst_begin, I dst_end, Args &&... args)
template<typename... Args>
edge new_univ_edge (name src, const std::initializer_list< State_Name > &dsts, Args &&... args)

Public Attributes

name_to_state_t name_to_state
state_to_name_t state_to_name

Protected Attributes

Graph & g_

Member Function Documentation

◆ alias_state()

template<typename Graph, typename State_Name, typename Name_Hash = std::hash<State_Name>, typename Name_Equal = std::equal_to<State_Name>>
bool spot::named_graph< Graph, State_Name, Name_Hash, Name_Equal >::alias_state ( state  s,
name  newname 

Give an alternate name to a state.

true iff the newname state was already existing (in this case the existing newname state will be merged with state s: the newname will be unreachable and without successors.)

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