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Translate an LTL formula into an optimized spot::tgba. More...

#include <spot/twaalgos/translate.hh>

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Public Types

enum  output_type
typedef int output_pref
enum  optimization_level

Public Member Functions

 translator (tl_simplifier *simpl, const option_map *opt=nullptr)
 translator (const bdd_dict_ptr &dict, const option_map *opt=nullptr)
 translator (const option_map *opt=nullptr)
void set_type (output_type type)
void set_pref (output_pref pref)
void set_level (optimization_level level)
twa_graph_ptr run (formula f)
 Convert f into an automaton. More...
twa_graph_ptr run (formula *f)
 Convert f into an automaton, and update f. More...

Protected Types

enum  {
  Any = 0, Small = 1, Deterministic = 2, Complete = 4,
  SBAcc = 8, Unambiguous = 16

Protected Member Functions

void setup_opt (const option_map *opt)
void build_simplifier (const bdd_dict_ptr &dict)
twa_graph_ptr run (twa_graph_ptr input, formula f=nullptr)
 Optimize an automaton. More...
twa_graph_ptr do_simul (const twa_graph_ptr &input, int opt)
twa_graph_ptr do_sba_simul (const twa_graph_ptr &input, int opt)
twa_graph_ptr do_degen (const twa_graph_ptr &input)
twa_graph_ptr do_scc_filter (const twa_graph_ptr &a, bool arg)
twa_graph_ptr do_scc_filter (const twa_graph_ptr &a)

Protected Attributes

output_type type_ = TGBA
int pref_ = Small
optimization_level level_ = High
bool degen_reset_ = true
bool degen_order_ = false
int degen_cache_ = 1
bool degen_lskip_ = true
bool degen_lowinit_ = false
bool det_scc_ = true
bool det_simul_ = true
bool det_stutter_ = true
int simul_ = -1
int scc_filter_ = -1
int ba_simul_ = -1
bool tba_determinisation_ = false
int sat_minimize_ = 0
int sat_incr_steps_ = 0
bool sat_langmap_ = false
int sat_acc_ = 0
int sat_states_ = 0
bool state_based_ = false
bool wdba_minimize_ = true

Detailed Description

Translate an LTL formula into an optimized spot::tgba.

This class implements a three-step translation:

Method set_type() may be used to specify the type of automaton produced (TGBA, BA, Monitor). The default is TGBA.

Method set_pref() may be used to specify whether small automata should be prefered over deterministic automata.

Method set_level() may be used to specify the optimization level.

The semantic of these three methods is inherited from the spot::postprocessor class, but the optimization level is additionally used to select which LTL simplifications to enable.

Member Function Documentation

twa_graph_ptr spot::translator::run ( formula  f)

Convert f into an automaton.

The formula f is simplified internally.

twa_graph_ptr spot::translator::run ( formula f)

Convert f into an automaton, and update f.

The formula *f is replaced by the simplified version.

twa_graph_ptr spot::postprocessor::run ( twa_graph_ptr  input,
formula  f = nullptr 

Optimize an automaton.

The returned automaton might be a new automaton, or an in-place modification of the input automaton.

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