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struct  spot::ptr_hash< T >
 A hash function for pointers. More...
struct  spot::identity_hash< T >
 A hash function that returns identity. More...
struct  spot::state_ptr_hash
 Hash Function for state*. More...
struct  spot::state_shared_ptr_hash
 Hash Function for shared_state (shared_ptr<const state*>). More...


typedef std::hash< std::string > spot::string_hash
 A hash function for strings. More...
size_t spot::wang32_hash (size_t key)
 Thomas Wang's 32 bit hash function. More...
size_t spot::knuth32_hash (size_t key)
 Knuth's Multiplicative hash function. More...
template<class It >
size_t spot::fnv_hash (It begin, It end)
 Fowler-Noll-Vo hash function. More...

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

◆ string_hash

typedef std::hash<std::string> spot::string_hash

#include <spot/misc/hash.hh>

A hash function for strings.

Function Documentation

◆ fnv_hash()

template<class It >
size_t spot::fnv_hash ( It  begin,
It  end 

#include <spot/misc/hashfunc.hh>

Fowler-Noll-Vo hash function.

This function is a non-cryptographic fast hash function. The magic constants depend on the size of a size_t.

Referenced by spot::bitset< SPOT_MAX_ACCSETS/(8 *sizeof(unsigned))>::mone().

◆ knuth32_hash()

size_t spot::knuth32_hash ( size_t  key)

#include <spot/misc/hashfunc.hh>

Knuth's Multiplicative hash function.

This function is suitable for hashing values whose high order bits do not vary much (ex. addresses of memory objects). Prefer spot::wang32_hash() otherwise.

References spot::U.

◆ wang32_hash()

size_t spot::wang32_hash ( size_t  key)

#include <spot/misc/hashfunc.hh>

Thomas Wang's 32 bit hash function.

Hash an integer amongst the integers.

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