spot  2.3.5
Here is a list of all modules:
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 Miscellaneous helper functions
 Hashing functions
 Random functions
 TA (Testing Automata)
 Essential TA types
 TA representations
 TA algorithms
 Input/Output of TA
 Transforming TGBA into TA
 Algorithm patterns
 TA simplifications
 Miscellaneous algorithms on TA
 Emptiness-checksCheck whether the language of a product (spot::ta_product) between a Kripke structure and a TA is empty. It works also for the product using Generalized TA (GTA and SGTA)
 Emptiness-check algorithms
 Temporal Logic
 Essential Temporal Logic Types
 Input and Output of Formulas
 Rewriting Algorithms for Formulas
 Miscellaneous Algorithms for Formulas
 TωA (Transition-based ω-Automata)
 Kripke Structures
 Essential TωA types
 TωA representations
 TωA algorithms
 TωA on-the-fly algorithms
 Input/Output of TωA
 Translating LTL formulas into TωA
 Algorithm patterns
 TωA simplifications
 Miscellaneous algorithms on TωA
 Emptiness-check algorithms
 TωA runs and supporting functions
 Emptiness-check statistics

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